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What is a Root Canal?

Root canal is also called endodontic treatment. The top dentist in Indore says that the natural tooth works better than the duplicate ones. When the bacteria enter the pulp of a tooth, it basically causes an infection. Therefore, the procedure of root canal is done to save the natural tooth and it is a serious procedure that is done by the top dentist in Indore to eliminate the bacteria from the infected root canal. In the procedure of root canal, the infected pulp is removed and protects the tooth from reinfection.

The term root canal states that the cleaning of the canal inside the roots of the teeth. Before the advanced procedures and technologies, the treatment of root canals is painful but nowadays the top dentist in Indore treats the procedure of root canals with advanced medications and local anesthetics, therefore, many people feel little or some pain during the procedure.

Signs & Symptoms Of Root Canal

Signs to Need the Root Canal – Top Dentist in Indore

If you are confused that your teeth need the procedure of a root canal or if your teeth are infected or not. 

Focus on the below-mentioned symptoms: – 

The pain in the tooth: – If you are feeling pain in the tooth not only at the time of chewing or biting but other times too, it means your tooth needs the procedure of root canal. 

Sensitivity in the tooth: – If you feel hurt while eating or drinking something hot and cold. This means it is a sign to do the procedure of root canal treatment.

Pain when pressure is applied: – When you feel pain while eating something hard or touching the tooth it means the nerves of the tooth are damaged. In this case, the top dentist in Indore recommends the procedure of root canals.

Loose teeth: – When the infection or pulp occurs inside the tooth and you may feel the tooth loosen because the infected pulp basically softens the bone that supports the tooth.

Swollen Gums: – When the tooth is infected with the pulp it can become the teeth swollen, or puffy.

Procedure of Root Canal Treatment

Procedure of Root Canal Treatment – Top Dentist in Indore

The procedure of a root canal is quick, comfortable, and helps you to relieve away from pain and save the natural tooth and make the teeth healthy.

Before starting the procedure of root canal treatment the top dentist in Indore suggests taking the necessary precautions such as

Take all medications: – The top dentist in Indore suggests you to take the necessary antibiotics which help you to relieve or feel little pain during the procedure. The health care provider gave you the medication a few days before starting the procedure. 

Avoid smoking and alcohol: – Smokers are more infected with pulp infections inside the tooth and are in high need of the procedure of root canal treatment. The more you smoke the higher the risk increases. 

The top dentist in Indore recommends avoiding smoking several days before or stop.

Maintain a healthy diet: – It is good to eat before the local anesthesia because after the anesthesia the patient may feel numb in the mouth for several hours. Therefore, the health care specialist recommends you eat before a few hours of the procedure.

How long does the Procedure of Root Canal Take?

The procedure of root canal therapy depends on the amount of infections inside the tooth. But basically, the procedure takes about 30 to 60 minutes. The top dentist in Indore suggests 2 to 3 procedures if your tooth is infected with multiple roots. 

Get in touch with a top dentist in Indore if you feel any kind of pain in the tooth. The healthcare specialist may identify the problems inside the tooth and helps you to cope with them at the early stage.

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