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Root Canal Treatment is the most common treatment that may require to relieve pain in any of the teeth. There are many reason why Root Canal Treatment has been recommended. Among them are :

Cracked Tooth

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Traumatic Injury

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Tooth Decay

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Pus and Swelling

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We at Surana Dental Clinic take atmost care about first and the foremost thing in Root Canal Treatment that is comfort of the patient that means every Root Canal Treatment done in our clinic is a PAINLESS experience.

Secondly each and every instruments , techniques used are the latest ones in the clinic such as rubber dam, rotary files, x smart endomotor, j morita apex locator, sonic irrigation system, endoactivators, neoendo thermoplastizied gutta-percha system.

Most preferably we do single sitting Root Canal Treatment as per the condition of the tooth.


1) After taking a profound medical and dental history of the patient a diagnostic x ray of tooth is performed with different angulations.
2) If Root Canal Treatment is required for that tooth then local anesthetia will be administered so that the patient did not experience any pain during treatment.
3) Inorder to isolation the tooth rubber dam is applied to the tooth. Rubber dam placement also prevent cross infection which is very essential during covid pandemic.
4) With the help of airrotors and burs cavity has been prepared on the tooth to reach the pulp chamber.
5) Different orifices of the canals are located using special hand instruments.
6) Small no. of endodontic hand files introduced in the canal to check the patency of the canal till the apex. Working length x-ray has been taken ,further confirmed by apex locators.
7) Cleaning and shaping is done with rotatry endodontic files and irrigating solution is agitated with endoactivator.
8) In the last step canal has been filled with endodontic sealers and gutta-percha and thereafter permanent restoration has been placed inside the cavity.

So if you are looking for Root Canal Treatment performed under all recent equipments and technique at your comfort book an appointment at Surana Dental Clinic, satya sai chouraha 9425921793.