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If you noticed earlier there are probably different types of teeth in a mouth and also all the teeth are not in the same shape and size. As per the view of the dentist in Indore, every tooth has its own structure and function. But do you know why the teeth are different from each other? 

The dentist in Indore says that Every teeth plays a different role some may be used for chewing food, some will helps you in giving the beautiful smile and some may help you in speaking and some serve for other purposes.

Types of Teeth - Surana Dental Clinic

Types Of  Teeth – Dentist in Indore

The teeth are one of the strongest parts of the whole body and once it gets fully damaged they can be repairable and replicable but not work naturally. The strong teeth are full of proteins, minerals, and calcium. But why are teeth essential?

As we know we eat every type of food both plants and meat and therefore we need teeth to handle every type of activity whether it is related to food, health, and smile. There are basically four types of teeth in the mouth of the human body are: – 

Incisors: – The incisors are the eight teeth in the mouth the four teeth at the top of the mouth and the four teeth at the bottom of the mouth. These types of teeth are called adult teeth and these teeth get in children between the age group of six to eight years. These teeth are in the shape of a small chisel and it plays a major role at the time chewing or eating food and also helps in chewing the hard food items to cut into small pieces.

Canines: – The canines teeth are the next teeth that develop in the mouth. These teeth are situated in the corner of the dental arches in the mouth. The canines are one of the sharpest teeth in the mouth and also help to make the smile attractive and beautiful.  These types of teeth play a role after when the food is divided into small pieces to rip the food. Canines teeth appear mostly in adults around the age of nine to 12 years. It is situated next to the incisors. The canines teeth are also known as eyeteeth because it is directly beneath the eyes.

Premolars: – The premolars teeth have a flat biting surface and it helps in smashing, crunching, and ripping the food. The premolars teeth are located beneath the canines teeth. There are a total of eight premolars teeth in the mouth. The four teeth are at the top and four are situated at the bottom of the mouth. These teeth are much bigger than the incisors and canine and it usually appears under the age of 10.

Molars: – The molars are the largest and strongest teeth in the mouth with a flat biting surface. Because of its flat biting surface, they play a good job not only cutting or crashing the food into small pieces but also works till the time of swallowing the food.

Types of Teeth - Dentist in Indore

According to the dentist in Indore, the molars teeth are similar to that of the premolar. It also plays the same function of ripping, smashing, and chewing food. In the mouth, there are eight baby molars teeth and up to twelve teeth are adult molars. 

If you want to keep all your 32 teeth healthy which is essential for chewing, grinding, and biting up food get in touch with the dentist in Indore.

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