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A wisdom tooth is the last molar tooth in the mouth that appears at a later age. Wisdom teeth are usually four in number two in the upper jaw and two in the lower jaw. Most of the wisdom teeth do not have enough space to erupt straight in the mouth. Due to this they get decayed posing a threat to neighboring teeth as well.

Problems with wisdom tooth:

Constant nagging pain, ear/jaw ache. Difficulty in opening the mouth/chewing etc.
If left in the mouth for a long time they can develop infection surrounding to gums and bone Treatment:

1) Conservative treatment: – Pain killer and antibiotics are prescribed. But it is not necessary that the pain will subside.
2) Warm saline rinses: – Warm saline rinses reduces pain and swelling when prescribed with pain killer and antibiotics.
3) Operculectomy – Procedure in which extra gum is removed which makes the cleaning process by brushing by patients easy.
4) Removal of tooth – Most favoured treatment for pain in wisdom tooth. It is minor surgical procedure which involve removal of tooth in pieces.

POST TREATMENT CARE(After Extraction Care)

– When anesthesia wears off there may be jaw stiffness, difficult in opening mouth, pain. -Don’t dose, spit forcibly or drink from a straw for 24 hours.
– Analgesics/pain killers are prescribed for controlling the discomfort. – Eat soft foods / liquid like smoothies, yogurt, shakes, pudding, soups, pureed foods etc. – Avoid spicy foods, nuts, popcorn, smoking, tobacco etc. – Avoid brushing and flossing on the extraction site for a day. – After 24 hours, rinse with a solution of 1 /2 teaspoon of salt mixed with 1 glass of warm water. – After a week you should come for a checkup and stitches are removed on that day

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Why choose Surana Dental Clinic for third molar removal:

We at Surana Dental Clinic uses Minimum invasive procedure during tooth removal. Dr Ashish surana is an expert in painless extractions. It will be such a pleasant experience to you that tooth will be extracted AND you will come to know about tooth removal when doctor say to u. By now Dr Ashish has extracted thousands of teeth.

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